I got back from my first class just now to find B quite excited about a new theory he learned in Phonology class. They touched on autosegmental phonology today in class, which is the same theory I’ve been studying in Tone class. He told me how great it was ’cause it accounts for all sorts of changes in data that can’t be accounted for in the old theory, and how it really seems to show exactly what languages are doing. We got SO excited talking about it back & forth, and finally I burst out laughing realizing how funny it all was. Here we were getting excited about a theory because we’re totally emersed in this stuff and it will really affect how we are able to do our work on the field later, and most “normal” people listening to us would have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about! We’re such nerds, but wow, it’s fun 🙂 I guess it’s times like these that I know we’re doing what we’re meant to be doing. 🙂
(P.S. The link in this post takes you to the lingualinks website definition of autosegmental phonology. From that page, you can get to all SORTS of other fun definitions and explanations. Enjoy 😉 )

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