I’ve run into two unusual landlord behaviors lately. The first is with the school that I rented my apartment from for the past year. We moved out around May 20, and I still have not gotten my security deposit back even though NC law says they must return it to me within 30 days of vacating the apartment. When I called today to ask about it, the financial manager said she had been waiting for the electric bill. However, I had called three weeks ago, and someone else told me that the bill had just come in and they would be immediately sending me my check. I’m definitely going to look through my records to make sure I’m not getting charged for an extra month of utilities.
The second strange landlord behavior is from our perspective landlord in Dallas. We were filling out the rental application & got to the financial section. There was a part asking about our employment status, and then a section asking for our bank name, the kinds of accounts that we have, and our account numbers! That seems VERY strange to me. I’m happy to tell them that we have checking & savings accounts, but actually giving them the account number after having already given them our social security numbers seems to be giving them the possibility of control over our accounts. That’s definitely not going to happen 🙂 Is this a normal thing for landlords to ask for???

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