Dealy Plaza

B and I drove downtown in Dallas this morning to see “the grassy knoll? and Dealy Plaza where Kennedy was assassinated. It was weird…it was just this place in the center of the city with cars driving past. There was a white X painted in the center of the road where the fatal shot hit him, and there were all of these tourists around walking up the grassy knoll, pointing up at the window where Lee Harvey Oswald was found, and taking pictures of the surrounding buildings. There were also men going around trying to sell commemorative newspapers with pictures from the video footage of that day, maps of the area, and ideas about the conspiracy theories. The grassy knoll was a small hill beside the road, and there is a fence on top with a cement building of some sort set up to block off the parking lot behind.

My favorite part was beside the Kennedy Memorial. There was a row of tall trees on either side of a sidewalk, and they had been trimmed just perfectly so that they made a tunnel to walk through. It was more peaceful there than in the rest of the city, and the shade from the trees made a cool hiding place from the hot sun. We walked around for about a half an hour, and then we got tired of people trying to sell us stuff, so we left.

We decided we don’t like big cities ‘cause there are too many crazy people around who won’t leave you alone and always want your money (even when you don’t have any with you). I think if it weren’t for that and the crazy drivers, I’d enjoy being in a big city every so often. It’s fun being surrounded by skyscrapers and being near almost any store you’ve ever wanted to shop in. I can definitely see why L loved Atlanta so much!

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  1. I found this memorial unlike any other memorial I’d ever been in…so surreal. (I’m L’s friend and was browsin’ your blog :))~Kelli–>

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