What a wonderful weekend!  Thanksgiving was SO much fun, and we had such a good time with H&J and their boys!  The more that Bryan is around the boys, the more comfortable he gets, and it’s lots of fun to watch him play with them.  He’s never been around little kids very often, and so our nieces and nephews are his introduction to children and how much fun they can be.  He especially bonded with the oldest, a three-year-old, who thought he was wonderful because Bryan would spin him around, wrestle, and let him climb on him and hang on his shoulders “like a monkey” because Bryan was the “tree.” 🙂  He was even willing to hold the new baby for a few minutes.  I definitely held him longer than a few minutes though! 🙂  He is precious and so tiny!

We had Thanksgiving dinner with them and some of their neighbors, and we stayed until after lunch the next day.  We drove back to Dallas, and Bryan played his computer game that was his b-day present from me.  I got to play a little bit too at the end, but I had to stop because it was making me car-sick.  It’s a great game, though.  Age of Empires III.  SO much fun.  Bryan is going to work on his truck some tomorrow, and I am looking forward to playing some while he does that. 🙂

The rest of the weekend was great too.  I made Bryan lamb, rice, and asparagus for b-day supper on Saturday with chocolate bavarian cream for dessert.  Then on Sunday night I threw a surprise b-day party.  It was perfect. 🙂  I thought all weekend that he knew something was up, but he had no idea!  I’d finally gotten him out of the house in time so that the people wouldn’t show up while we were still there, and we grabbed a quick dinner at a fast-food place.  We got back, and I didn’t see any cars anywhere.  I got him to go inside first, and nothing happened.  My heart dropped into my stomach and I thought that no one was there, and then he turned on the lights and “SURPRISE!!”  Our friends had hidden in the kitchen behind the counter, and popped out just as he turned on the lights with noise-makers and everything.  We had birthday cake (using the recipe that Mama made for his groom’s cake last year), played Mafia, and talked a bunch, and I think it turned out to be a good party for all.  (Thanks for the recipe, Mama!  It was perfect, and he was VERY excited when he realized what it was!)  We even got to know some couples a little better that we haven’t known very well before now.

Yesterday I went back to life as usual, and work was crazy.  Tons of emails, tons of people stopping by, and tons of phone calls, and before I knew it, the day was over.  I guess that’s one way to make work go by quickly!  Ok…speaking of work… 🙂

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