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Hmmm…the first time I tried this it didn’t work so well…Let’s try again.

Here’s a picture of my new favorite plant. My sister started it for me, and it was growing nicely until I brought it to Texas. It started withering until there was really only one sprig left, and then I moved it to a new location, and look at how it grew!


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  1. Meg…it looks like you need to resize the pictures before you post them. WordPress has a facility for this when you upload the picture from the post page. You can then make a thumbnail visible in the post like this:

    Notice the “thumb-” before the file name.

    Then, if you want people to be able to view it larger, just enclose that entire image tag in a normal link tag like this:

    That links to the full sized image when someone clicks on it. (i.e. the same URL with no “thumb-” before the image name.)

    Glad you have a digital camera now…we’re all interested to see what life is like down there.

    Hope that helps. Email me if you have questions.


  2. You can also see my last post for an example:

  3. Blast! It removed the tags from my comment…oh well

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