no, Texas ice

I didn’t see a flake of snow. 😦  We got some good sleet and freezing rain, but no snow.  It is quite unusual weather for Dallas, from what I hear, since the temperature this morning at 8 AM was 17 degrees.  It’s a new record low for today, and it’s pretty amazing that it’s that cold since this past Saturday it got up to 88 degrees!

Bryan’s class was cancelled this morning, but work was open, so here I sit with very few people in offices around me.  Lots of people didn’t come in today because of the dangerous roads, although they were probably not extremely bad by Virginia or Illinois standards.  I’d gotten a few weather-related calls from tenants, and then Bryan called.  One of our pipes in our house froze last night. :-\  We had the heat on, and it was running all night, but it didn’t seem to be warm enough for our bathroom.  He said that there was ice in the bathtub, and that there was a big icicle hanging from the faucet in the tub.  Now, to understand what happened, realize that the bathroom is connected to our bedroom, and the pipes that froze are in the wall right beside the head of the bed.  Yes, that means that it was below freezing in our bedroom last night.  Wow.  I’ve never been so glad that we are moving! The connection between the pipe and the back of the faucet broke, so I’m hoping that a plumber is over there fixing it right now.  What a day!

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