I’m going to fall asleep.  Right now.  Oh wait, I’m at work and I can’t.

So yes, I am sleepy.  I’m not really sure why.  I woke up a couple times in the night & had weird dreams, but that doesn’t usually make me this tired.  Maybe I’m fighting off one of those bugs that are going around.

Today I really look forward to 5 PM.  Second to looking forward to 5, I am looking forward to 4PM when I get to close our office door.  This week, for some reason, we have had a huge influx of housing “emergencies” where people have to have something immediately and cannot wait any time at all.  I’m guessing that this is not just an isolated housing problem, but that it happens to everyone in any customer service job this time of year.  It is really making me realize that when a customer is being helped by someone behind a desk, acting impatient when talking to them or trying to rush them through doing their job is a horrible thing to do.  It ends up making them frustrated with the customer, they are more likely to make a mistake when they are rushing, and it is unfair to expect them to hurry and be stressed because the customer was not organized enough to be on time.  I guess I’m learning how it feels to be behind the desk, and it makes me nicer to others when I’m the customer, just like those who have been waiters/waitresses before are always the best tippers.  I know what it’s like when my customers take their time and are patient and extra friendly, so I try to be the same way whenever I am a customer.  And so if you have not finished your Christmas shopping yet, no matter how tired you are or how long you’ve been waiting in line, when you get up to the cashier, please please please smile at her, wish her a merry Christmas, and be extra friendly just for me. 🙂

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