I told B last night that we are officially grown-ups.  We had our very first plumbing catastrophe and had to deal with it all by ourselves.  Don't worry, our house didn't float away. 🙂

I had been at the gym for over an hour and was sore, so after supper I decided to take a bath in our guest bathroom.  Our master bathroom only has a shower.  After I finished my bath, I walked through our room into the master bathroom to get something, and all of the lights were off.  As I went in, I stepped into a huge puddle of water.  I turned on the light to see a bunch of water covering the floor of our bathroom, and I called for B.

He came in and we used towels to start drying it up as we looked around to find out what caused it.  The previous renter told us that the shower in the guest bathroom leaked, but he said that he had fixed it.  We couldn't tell where all of the water had come from.  I opened the shower curtain to wring out a towel, and the shower floor was about 4 inches deep in water up to the ledge.  We finally realized that the drain in the shower had backed up.  We were very thankful that the water was clean bath water.  We kept sopping up water, and found that some was coming out from under the toilet as the water in the shower went down, so we stopped up the shower drain and finally got everything dry.  We left a fan running all night, and the only thing that was still a tiny bit damp this morning was a few inches of carpet at the door between the bathroom & our bedroom.

Whew.  What a night. 🙂  A plumber was scheduled to come after lunch to fix the problem, and it will be very nice to have working plumbing again.  So that's the story of our first grown-up plumbing problem.

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  1. […] We are having yet another water problem in our house, and I must say that I am thankful this one does not involve sewage. Bryan walked down our hall towards the bedrooms earlier this evening and suddenly found that his socks were wet. We opened the closet door at the end of the hall that holds the a/c and the water heater, and he found a steady stream/spray coming from the bottom of the water heater. We started walking around to see how far the water had spread, and it had gone a bit down the hall, and the majority of the water had spread into more than half of the guest bedroom. What a mess! We discovered this about three hours ago, and we have been vacuuming and blotting up the water since then. We have fans going, we’re draining the water heater, and we turned off the water. We are trying to decide if we need to tear up the carpet, and of course we have no way to get in touch with our landlord in a hurry since he’s in France and we don’t have his phone number. It also doesn’t help that this all happened on a Saturday night. Sigh. Any suggestions? Call me if you have any ideas or advice! […]

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