the weekend

What a fun weekend!  Mama was here from Friday night until Monday morning, and we really enjoyed the visit.

We went to a yummy restaurant on Friday night.  I think it's one of our new favorites.  It's Abuelo's Mexican restaurant, and I got the yummiest enchiladas that I've ever had – made with avocados inside.  We had a good time talking, and we were suprised when we ended up at a table next to the President of our organization and his wife.  It was such a neat provision from the Lord for them to be able to meet Mama.

Saturday morning we took Mama to the Center and showed her my office, the trailer where we used to live, and the other buildings.  My boss also came so that they could meet each other, and that was really special.  We went on a walk on the trails behind the center, and I really enjoyed the fun Mama was having looking at new plants and insects, and hearing and seeing new birds.  I always learn so much about nature and see so many things that I normally wouldn't notice when Mama is with me.

Most of the rest of the weekend we spent talking, eating, and relaxing.  We watched Finding Nemo on Saturday night while Bryan was doing homework, although I'm pretty sure he ended up paying more attention to the movie than his work in the end since it's such a fun story.  We went to church on Sunday, and we ran into a bunch of different PBT people.  I was disappointed that I didn't get to introduce her to two of the couples that are our best friends here, but glad that so many others got to meet her.  We got up really early on Monday to take her to the airport, and I was sad to see her go!

So I bet if anyone besides my family happens to read this blog, they're wondering what in the world the big news is.  Well…I'd love to tell you, but I've run out of break time.  It'll be in my next post, I promise. 🙂

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