One of the couples in our organization is about to have a baby.  The wife, K, is quite large and is SO ready for the baby to be born.  It's her fourth child, but her third pregnancy since her girls are twins.

I am quite honored and excited about the fact that she's asked me to go to the hospital with her when she goes into labor.  Her husband will be there, of course, but her mother and sister aren't able to make it.  I've never been in the room when a baby was born.

I've been upstairs taking care of the two older children and a cousin while the mom has the baby underwater in their huge bathtub downstairs though.  I was twelve.  I remember turning on the fan and the radio so the kids wouldn't hear their mom yelling.  I saw the placenta in a bread bowl in the kitchen.  I also got to hold the baby boy when he was less than an hour old.  Mama told me this past weekend that I came home that day and told her that I wanted to have my babies at home, so she knew that I hadn't been too traumatized by the experience.  Now I'm not so sure that I'd want to have my first baby at home, but considering the fact that we're planning to live overseas, the thought of having other children at home in America sounds pretty good.  Overseas would be another matter since in the areas that we're likely to be in, it would be more difficult to get to a hospital quickly in case of problems.

 So all of that to say, K called earlier this evening to say that they were headed to the hospital.  She wanted to get checked out before getting me to join them, which turned out to be a good idea.  She called a few minutes ago to say that they'd sent her home.  She is having contractions every three minutes, but they say that the contractions aren't doing anything right now, although they were earlier in the evening.  She said that they might go walking for the next couple of hours. 😉  I'm going to bed soon to try to get some sleep in case I get a call in the middle of the night.  How fun! 🙂

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