oh my head

I had my first migraine on Friday.  It got so bad that my eyes were doing funny things, my stomach was upset, and any sound was absolutely horrible, so I went home from work a couple hours early to rest in the dark.  By bedtime, I was fine again.  I didn't have any problems all weekend.

I got to work this morning and the day started off just fine.  By 10:30, however, I started having a headache again.  I quickly took some medicine, and I rested during lunch, and so this one wasn't anywhere near as bad.  Just before leaving for lunch, I was trying to figure out what in the world could be causing it.  Am I all of a sudden so ready to leave work that it gives me migraines?  Then I realized I'd had sweet'n low in my herbal tea this morning, and I also had a larger amount of it on Friday morning.  I looked it up online, and sure enough, saccharin has been known to cause migraines, although not as often as aspartame.  Moral: sugar is best. 🙂

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