it’s been a while

Lots has happened since the last time I posted! Last Tuesday, Bryan and I had a meeting with our organization, and we officially moved from Recruit status to MITs, or Missionaries in Transition. This means that we are official employees, and that we can finally say we are missionaries instead of that we are training to be missionaries. It's a pretty big step, and we were really thankful that it happened as soon as it did. It was definitely through the Lord's plan that it happened as it did. Most people take a LOT longer to become MITs.

Last Thursday was B's last day of classes, and Friday was my last day of work. It's hard giving up something that I've poured so much work into, even if it hasn't been for an entire year. I can't imagine how hard it would be to leave a position that I'd worked in for 17 or 18 years like the president of our organization who is resigning to move on to another assignment. I trained my replacement for the last week and two days of my job, and of course there wasn't enough time to do everything I wanted to. We made it to the end, though, and I had the weekend to step away from the job a little bit before the week began.

Sunday afternoon, we went to registration for this week's training. Members of our organization from all over the world are here this week for these sessions. People who want to learn more about the work are here for exploratory classes, parents of missionaries are here, forwarding agents have come for training, and the board members are here for the semiannual board meeting. We are in the second year of training, having taken the first year in an accelerated program last February in Ohio.

The week is going well so far.  We've learned more about our future assignment by meeting with the director of that branch.  He also told us about possibilities for future work once we've finished our first term in the original location.  It's all VERY exciting. 🙂

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