so weird!

Last night just before bed, I had a glass of orange juice, and I set the glass down beside my bed near the wall where I wouldn’t knock it over. This morning when I woke up, Bryan was still asleep, and as I walked into the bathroom, I looked down and became quite confused. The glass was sitting in front of our closed bedroom door. So apparently I walk in my sleep! That’s never happened before, at least to my knowledge. It’s kinda creepy. It makes me wonder what else I’ve done in my sleep that I’ve never known about. Have I ever left my room? Have I moved other stuff around? If you think about it, sleepwalking could get you into some bad situations. What if I decided to cook something in my sleep? Or what if I went outside? That would be really freaky to wake up outside and have no idea how I got there.

Anyway, today has been a really interesting day. A lot has happened, both discouraging and encouraging. The discouragement came first with some changes in our support base, and for some reason it was a really hard blow to me. Mama and I talked, and she really encouraged me, and then I talked to Daddy’s cousin who also was a huge encouragement. Then my husband came home from his errands, and we talked. He reminded me again that God will take care of our needs and that He is working for our good, and we prayed and put things back into God’s hands. Then, just a few minutes ago, I talked to one of my friends, and she said that she and her husband want to help us. I’m pretty sure she is sending a one-time gift, and it was SUCH an encouragement to me. It was a wonderful reminder that the Lord is watching out for us and knows our every need. I have so far to go to grow in my faith, and I am so thankful that He is teaching me. Leaning on Him is the best thing to do, and it gives me such peace!

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  1. That is really funny–I didn’t know that you did that!

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