Mama asked where I heard about DJ trying out for American idol all the way down in Dallas, and it started me thinking about the numerous ways we have to keep in touch with people these days.  Not only do we have wonderful things like blogs 🙂 but we have email, instant messengers, and (newer than all of these) Facebook.

What is facebook?  If you don’t have a school email address or one from a supported corporation, there’s no way to know first-hand.  Facebook requires members to sign up in a particular network based upon the email address that they use.  When I first signed up, I used my UVA address @virginia.edu.  Once you are “in,” you can change your contact address, and you can add other networks if you have other cooresponding email addresses.  (For example, because I’ve taken classes from Liberty, I have a Liberty email address and am a part of the Liberty network.)  Being in a particular network allows you to see profiles of others in that network.  You can add someone as your friend, and after they agree that you are friends, they are added to your friend list.  Friends can leave messages for each other on their profile page and can see a list of each other’s friends.  This creates a huge network of people who are connected through other people, and it makes it so that you can find long lost friends and catch up.  You can also create groups, like the Main Street Baptist one that I just created, that others can join to keep everyone connected through messages and pictures.

I learned about DJ and AI through his facebook page.  He had some comments about it on his profile page from other friends, and so I googled him and AI.  After that, I also talked to DJ and other Christiansburg friends on AIM and by messages on facebook, so now I’m all caught up on the situation.  All without a single email.  Believe it or not, sometimes email is just too slow. 😉

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  1. can u invite me… i cant figure this out

  2. Actually, since writing the above post, Facebook has gone public. Anyone can get on by going to Facebook.com and clicking on “Register.” All you have to do after that is fill out the form, confirm your email address, and you’re in! 🙂

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