Bryan’s mom is visiting for the weekend, and we’ve had a really good visit so far.  She came on Wednesday evening, and we had a quiet night at home.  Yesterday, we took her to school with us, and she walked around campus while we were in class.  Bryan had a research paper to complete in the afternoon, so she and I went shopping together.  She got me two dresses, including a really cute new green dress, and she bought two new jackets.  (The dress in that picture is almost right, it’s just the wrong color and the sleeves aren’t long enough.  I’ll post a picture of the right dress sometime.)  After shopping, we went out to dinner at Abuelos.  Today she is going on a tour of the campus while we are in classes, and I’m not really sure what we’ll do for the rest of her visit.

We have come to the halfway point of our classes.  I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly!!  It feels like we just started them!  But we’ll be completely finished one month from tomorrow, on my birthday.  Bryan will start new classes after that, and I will probably spend my extra time working on our website.  He hasn’t updated it in SUCH a long time, and so I think we’re going to start from scratch.  The last time we blogged on there was last October!  I might put some of these posts onto that blog to have a record of what we’ve been up to.

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to blog about this, but it was officially my friend A’s 1-month-to-go date before her adjusted due date!   Yay! 🙂  She’s really excited and kinda nervous, and she is really hoping that the baby will come a bit early.  I can’t wait until he comes!  I’m really looking forward to helping her and to this new stage in their lives!

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