Well, the whey cheese (mysost) didn’t work very well. I had it simmering all afternoon just as the directions said to, but I think I let it go a little too long at the very end. It surprised me how much it acted like fudge. The directions I used said to wait until it was like fudge, but I found out that if you wait that long, your cheese will not really be cheese at all, but will be a hard block that chips like dry fudge. Next time I try this, I’ll pour it out before it dries out that much, while it’s more like caramel than fudge. (It looks like caramel too and is even about the same color.)

My next dairy experiment will be to make buttermilk which I will then use to make mozzarella cheese. You can see that these two pages are from the same website created by a professor at an Ohio university. He has given clear directions for his recipes along with helpful pictures. He also uses ingredients that are more common instead of requiring dried chemicals from a cheese-making supplier.

I am really excited about these new dairy recipes! I don’t know how much I will be able to use this type of thing when we leave for Africa, but I want to learn as much as I can. I’ve heard that we will have access to dry milk, which is very cheap compared to regular milk, so I’m making all of mine with dry milk.

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