busy times

What a crazy weekend we’ve had!  On Friday afternoon we were invited to participate in a survey in Africa because one of the participants could not go, and the survey was set to begin on November 1st.  We were seriously considering leaving this coming Wednesday for a month in Africa!  The entire survey ended up being cancelled yesterday because of problems in the area, and although we were disappointed not to be able to go, we were also relieved that we did not have to prepare for such an important trip in so little time.

However, because of the trip-that-almost -was, we learned a lot and have changed a lot about our future plans.  We discovered that it really isn’t as necessary as we had been led to believe for us to learn French before beginning our first surveys in West Africa.  (This is a huge discovery since it cuts off six months to a year of training before we would be able to go to the field.)  We were invited to participate in another trip to Africa in March that we previously had not been connected with, and we are so excited that we will have so much more time to prepare for this trip.  We also have realized that we may not need to be in West Africa full-time, but can go to the country where we feel the Lord is calling us full-time and then travel part-time to West Africa to meet our organization’s needs in that area.

Tonight we met with a couple, B&L, who is interested in the same country that we are interested in, and we had such an amazing time.  We met them at Starbucks at 4PM and talked until a little after 7!  We finally pulled ourselves away because we all had things to do at home.  Bryan and I were SO encouraged by our time together, and we left Starbucks feeling more excited and ready to go on the field than we have in a long time.  I am so fired up about the opportunity to work with this couple!  We really want to spend more time with them during the rest of our stay in Dallas.

After the talk with them, Bryan and I continued the great conversation.  We want to be more purposeful in our actions and in the use of our time.  We want to honor the Lord in everything that we do, we don’t want to waste the time of preparation that we have been given, and we want to surround ourselves with others who are seeking God in their daily actions and who will encourage us to do the same.  I have a feeling that we will be making a lot of changes around here in the near future.  We want to have a more eternal outlook than we have had, and I know that will affect so many things.  Tonight my heart is full of praise to the Lord for so much: for B&L, for my beloved husband, for the Lord’s leading, and for His amazing blessings upon us!

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