On Tuesday I had my first chance to teach someone to sew. We used my Singer sewing machine that used to be Mama’s. Since I don’t have children, I wasn’t teaching my daughter like Shereen was that day, but I was teaching my husband instead! We had a good time together, and I enjoyed seeing his excitement at the interesting things this machine can do. (For example, it has a presser foot that makes 1/8 inch double seams automatically.) He also liked the button-hole attachment. The best part about the machine is that it does not have any computerized parts but is all mechanical. (This will be very useful if we take it overseas with us because it will be easier to repair.)

(I forgot to bring the pictures with me, so I’ll post in an update tomorrow or the next day.)

He is suddenly interested in sewing because he has discovered that he can make all sorts of things for camping or for our upcoming trip. On Tuesday, he was making “stuff sacks” which are small bags that help keep clothes and supplies organized in a backpack. However, we were not making these out of ordinary cloth. 🙂 We used Tyvek. Tyvek is the stuff that houses are wrapped in to keep out water, and it is also what some FedEx and USPS envelopes are made of. It is very strong, and it is waterproof. We had to make adjustments to the machine to get it to sew correctly on such unusual material. He made the first bag with my help, and he made the second one himself in about half an hour. The bags look like they’ll be quite useful!

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  1. Hi, there!! How nice that is to be able to show your beloved how to sew. I have you on my bloglines, so I actually read your post before I read the comment you left on my blog. ;0) I remember once I made a quilt as a gift. I was trying to write my name freehand with the sewing machine on a label. I couldn’t get the letters to looks right. My beloved said, “let me try” and I laughed at him. But sure enough, he got on that machine and wrote my name. He did an incredible job. He was then laughing at me. lol I look forward to seeing some pictures when you get a chance. That fabric sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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