I’m still here

I haven’t been writing on here very often at all, so I’ll do a catch-up blog for today. 🙂 We have turned off the internet at our house again, and so posting on blogs and sending emails doesn’t happen as easily as it used to.

This month is a crazy one in our house! We returned around New Year’s just in time to prepare for two new members of the household. We now have two friends who are each subletting a bedroom from us and sharing the rest of the house with us. They are both members of our missions organization, so we felt comfortable having them share our home and won’t have to worry about problems while we’re gone in March. The situation seems to be working very well right now, and it has been a blessing to us in many ways. One blessing is obviously financial since their rent helps with our monthly expenses. Also, as we were preparing for their arrival, we began to throw away and give away many things that were needlessly stored in their rooms. Both my husband and I have a tendency to be pack rats, so any encouragement to declutter and simplify our belongings is welcome – if not with open arms, at least with the knowledge that we need it! Another great benefit will be the fact that the house will not be empty when we leave in March.

How fast March is coming up! I can’t even remember if I’ve said much about our trip on this blog, and as I type this, I am at home and not online where I could check, so I will just pretend I haven’t said anything yet. We have been offered the opportunity to go to southern _country_ in March to do a language survey. (This link will take you to a previous post where I explain what language survey is.) This trip will be very important for us because it will allow us to meet important people, it will be our first overseas trip together, it will give us our first survey experience, and it will help us to know more about what life will be like when we are able to go overseas full time. We are currently thinking that we will go to _country_ instead of to Guinea long-term, although there is still a small possibility that we will go to Guinea first for a year or two. Right now we are still working on raising money for our trip in March, and we are praying and believing that the Lord will provide what we need.

Part of our preparation for the trip in March involves me taking a language survey class this month. It is a busy class since it is condensed all into one month, and so needless to say I’ve had a lot of work to do. Bryan is also taking a class, but his will be a bit more spread out which gives him a lighter load. It’s his last class in his master’s program! How exciting! I can’t believe that he’s already almost finished. It seems impossible that he’s really graduating in May! We’ve been waiting for this time ever since we’ve known each other, and it’s hard to believe that it’s almost here. As soon as he graduates, we’ll just have to raise the rest of our monthly support, and we’ll be ready to go full time!

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