In _country_

We are in _country_! Believe it or not, I am at an “internet cafe” in a small town in southern _country_. The “cafe” is two sheds put together with makeshift desks around the walls with about 7 computers, 4 of which are working. We can pay by the minute to get online, and although the connection is slow, it allows us to communicate with the US, which is SO much fun!

We have had a great trip so far, and it is hard to believe that we’ve been here for less than a week. So much has happened, and we are learning and seeing so many new things! Yesterday we walked into the market for the first time. It was huge! There are tiny shops set up everywhere, and there are open areas with stalls for selling fish, vegetables, fruit, or clothes. It was quite an experience, and we were so sad that we couldn’t take pictures of it all. We’ve gotten a few pictures inside of the compound where we are staying, and we’re hoping that there won’t be such a problem with picture-taking when we’re in the next town we will visit. It is smaller and has less soldiers who would bother us for taking pictures.

We have had a few setbacks in the trip so far because of people not coming through with what they said they would do. For example, when we were flying into _country_, we were told that the people who had agreed to host us had changed their minds at the last minute. However, it has been so amazing to see the Lord provide for us and take care of us. Without expecting it, we met a member of Samaritan’s Purse at the airstrip who drove us the few miles into town. We visited another Christian organization in town as soon as we arrived, and they gave us places to stay in their guest houses. They have been so hospitable and loving, and have welcomed us into their prayer times, meals, and worship time with open arms. I am SO thankful for the setbacks because they have allowed us to see the Lord work!

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  1. Wow. How nice to be able to keep in touch. I will keep you and your beloved in my prayers. Thanks for letting us now how it’s going. God is so good. It really is great to see how the Lord works things out.

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