Day 1 in Africa, Monday, March 5

We’re in _other country_! It’s hard to believe that we’re finally here!

We got to _country_ around 8:30 this morning, and it was different than I was expecting. Everything was very green. We waited a long time to get visas, and then we changed our money and left the building. There were so many people (mostly men) waiting outside just watching the door. We found a man with a sign for “Brian,” and we went with him to the Central Inn. We rode in his car on a paved road, and then onto red dirt roads. Some of them were really bad & bumpy. But we saw Lake __, & some of the plants were gorgeous. There were palm trees & purple flowers that looked somewhat like morning glories, & a different kind of daisy.

We got to the hotel, & it was a little strange ’cause we had a hard time understanding everyone. The lobby had mismatched furniture, brown, worn carpet, and black & white toile curtains. Our room is small with a bed, a desk, a bedside table, a fan, and a small tv. The bathroom has a shower on the wall, a sink, a toilet, a water heater up in the corner, and a closet. When we got here, we cleaned up and then took a long nap. Bryan said it’s the most comfortable bed he’s ever slept in. πŸ™‚ We were going to just sleep for two or three hours, but we ended up sleeping five. πŸ™‚ We were so tired when we were trying to get up, but we finally did. I washed our clothes, & then we came out to the lobby to write, & Bryan is reading the __ paper.

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