Day 3, Wednesday, March 7

Later on last night, I woke up in the night because I heard yells & drum beats. I was afraid because I didn’t know what it was, although I suspected it might be spirit worship of some kind. It went on for almost two hours. I didn’t sleep well at all, & so this morning was really hard. I was afraid I couldn’t do it and that it’s too hard. I talked to Bryan about it (since we were woken up early by a radio in the next room). We prayed and read Romans 8, and the Lord comforted me. He reminded me that I am not the one doing it, but he will do it through me. [I found out later that week that the noise in the night was because of a funeral. The family and friends stay up all night sitting outside with the body until the grave is ready, and they sing, wail, and dance. It was good to know that this is all it was!]

A little while later, we went to morning devotions with Across. Their songs & devotion were very encouraging. We went back to the Episcopal church to look for the pastor, but he wasn’t there. Next, we went to a vocational center to visit some of Brad’s friends, but they had gone home on furlow & decided to stay. We looked in their shop & bought a lemon cake & some notecards.

After lunch, we went to the EPC – Evangelical Presbyterian Church – & left a letter asking if they’d be interested in literacy teacher training.

Because of all of the walking in the heat, when we got back, we had a hard time staying awake. Dinner here isn’t until 8:30, so we’re usually quite tired & hungry by then. Around 7:30, Brad called over to our hut and said that we were invited to a Bible study fellowship, & that they had goodies but no one else had come. We felt like we couldn’t refuse, & we commented that surely they would be finished by dinner time since they were Across missionaries that eat then too. We both had the hardest time staying awake during worship, and then they had a long Bible study & a prayer time. We did not get out till 10, and I’m afraid we were not very happy about it. We are SO glad to go to bed!

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