Day 4, Thursday, March 8

Today was Women’s Day, and the __ people turned it into quite a holiday! Bryan and I went to the market to look around, and we were surprised at how big it was. There were tons of little shops selling various things, like cloth, clothes, candy, food, electronics, construction materials, and more.

After lunch, we split up. Bryan went with Brad to the Presbyterian church and found that the letter had not been given to the bishop, and that he was not there because it was Women’s day, and that the ministry team had not gathered to consider the proposal as they promised they would. Discouraged, they went to visit two other churches – the African Inland Church and the Church of God. At the first church, they met the pastor who was sick in bed and had a short conversation because he didn’t speak much English. At the second, they met Pastor John Noah, who was very excited to meet them and hear about our work. The exciting part is that he and his church had been wanting to start some sort of literacy program, but they had no materials or any idea how to go about it. What a provision from God for us and for them! [We were there to offer a class to train literacy teachers and to provide materials such as primers and Bibles.] They decided to begin the classes tomorrow afternoon!

While the men were doing that, I helped one of the __ missionaries by editing a discipleship book that a national worker had typed into the computer. Then it was supper time, and now it’s time for bed!

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