Day 5, Friday, March 9

This morning we both felt sick to our stomachs. I think it was from our malaria prophylaxis that we took on empty stomachs. We were able to get online at the internet cafe and write a few emails, and we ran errands most of the morning. Bryan was running errands, and so I walked back from the internet cafe by myself. It was interesting to see the difference between the way people act when I’m with Bryan and Brad and when I’m alone. People are much more aggressive when I’m alone. For example, more people called out after me or came up to me this morning than they usually do. I guess they think a woman alone would be more likely to buy something from them or for them or give them money.

Right now I’m somewhere very exciting! I’m sitting in a grass-roof hut with windows and a cool breeze, and Brad has just begun our first literacy class. It is so fun to see him work! He is explaining the importance of writing and reading in their own language, and they are eating it up! He is very good at explaining things in a way that fits with their culture.

I’m back at the compound now. What fun that was! It was so good to finally be with the __ people! I especially loved talking with the women afterwards.

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