Day 6, Saturday, March 10

Last night was pretty normal until around 4 in the morning when I woke up and couldnt get back to sleep. The wind started to pick up a little later, and I saw lightning in the distance. Bryan woke up around 5 when the wind blew open the front door to our house (which has a front empty troom & two bedrooms off of it) and made a loud noise. We were both awake until 6:30 or 7 while a huge storm went on. By 7 or so, we settled into our travel sheets since it was chilly for the first time, and we fell asleep until 8. [I’m guessing that “chilly” was 70 degrees minimum!] Because of the rain, the weather today has been so cool! What a welcome change. 🙂 It’s been about 80 degrees with a nice breeze & cloud cover most of the day.

We spent the day at the Bible Society giving out Bibles and New Testaments to the pastors. There was some confusion at first as to how many we should give since no one knew how many pastors would come, and we gave out too many to the first few people. Later, we had to greatly reduce the number we were giving out. What a mess! 🙂 The pastors were so disappointed that we were not giving them more! Even the first men who got more than the others said it wasn’t enough. It was so sad to not have enough! We know that we want to do what we can to bring [or send] more Bibles to these people.

We spent all day there, and this afternoon when no more people were coming, we sat with Mary and Alson who work there. They helped us learn a few things about Juba Arabic, the common language spoken here. For example, I asked what I could say to a woman who had a cute baby on her back [women here carry babies using a cloth or blanket to tie them to their backs], and it is, “Jena taki gi-afa!” which means, “Your child is very beautiful!” We also took some verbs and sentances to learn the pronouns, affixes, etc. It was so much fun!

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