Day 10, Wednesday, March 14

Today we got up very early, and since we fell asleep very late last night, I was very exhausted. There were all sorts of noises in the rafters of our little house, and every once in a while some animal would tip things over and there would be a crash of something falling. I assumed that there were bats and rats in the rafters, but found out later today that they were bats and a small squirrel. (For some reason a squirrel seems a LOT better than rats.) 🙂

We went to the chapel service at 7, and then we were invited to the retired bishop’s house for breakfast. We had rice, beans!, bread, eggs, and tea. We discovered that if you are honored guests, they will let you eat your meal alone and will join you when you are almost finished.

After that, there was a LONG opening session for the workshops with all sorts of speeches. Then we had tea with bread, and Bryan, Brad, & I talked about plans for our upcoming survey. We walked into town together and talked about future plans, and we ate lunch at the same restaurant as yesterday. (My favorite thing is that they have Fantas, which are orange sodas, and that they almost seem cold since they’ve been kept in the shade.) Bryan surprised me with a few of the things he asked/said, like whe he asked about the possibility of us being based in the __ Mountains. We had talked about that a few times in Dallas, but he always wanted to do other surveys in the south for a few years first. Lots has changed since we’ve been in _country_, especially in _city_. We wondered while we were in _bigger city_ if we’d get here and really like it or feel like this is where we are supposed to be. However, I didn’t feel much of anything when we got here – not that this means God doesn’t want us here, it’s just that it wasn’t what I expected.

So now after these new ideas, we are wanting to be based in a larger town in the __ Mountains. We will do survey there, and we will also help our friends B&L once they move into a village. [B&L are also members of our organization who want to do literacy work and church planting.] We also might do some of the administrative stuff Brad wanted us to do to organize his trips into _country_ twice a year.

_city_ is very different from _bigger city_. _city_ is so small, and it is much quieter than _bigger city_. It seems a lot cleaner too. However, there are ants everywhere in _city_! They are tiny, and are literally everywhere. Even inside our house, which is VERY rustic. We are thankful for the screens on the windows which Brad says are an addition since the last time he was here. However, under the eaves there is an unscreened space between the walls and the roof, so buts and critters (like the squirrel) still get in.

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