Day 13, Saturday, March 17

We are waiting for the truck to come take us to _small town_. We have no idea what to expect, but I know that the living conditions will be even harder than they are here. Here everything is very dirty in the house, even the walls, and there are ants all over. There haven’t been too many other bugs in the house besides flying ones, but there are a lot of wasp-type things that build homes on the walls.

This morning as I went to the latreen, I saw the best picture and was so sorry I didn’t have a camera with me. Two boys a little bit older than my youngest nephew (maybe 1 1/2) and one boy about my second nephew’s age (2 1/2 or 3) were hanging on the pump at the bore hole. The younger two weren’t wearing clothes [which is normal for babies and toddlers here], and the older one had dark brown pants on. They hung there in a row with their arms straight up, not budging the pump an inch, and they stared at me with huge eyes. When I smiled, they smiled back shyly. I wanted to scoop up all three of them in a huge hug! I’m not sure what they would’ve done though. šŸ™‚

Now we are in _small town_ and we just finished a lunch of casava and tea. I’d never had casava before and it was very good. I liked the first piece I had best because it didn’t have salt on it and was almost sweet.

I went into the hut they set aside for us, and it is very interesting. The roof is low, and it is a mud hut with a grass roof. This sounds worse than where we stay in _city_, but I actually think it is much better. There are no bugs on the floor and wall at all. Also, the roof is not so big and tall for bats & rats & other things. Finally, the grass roof is MUCH cooler than the tin roof.

There are two beds made of bamboo/cane type material, and there is a space inbetween, and that is all. One of the beds has a straw mat on it. So it looks like we’ll wish we had our bedmats and our mosquito nets! I am happy about our little house though. šŸ™‚

We are in an open hut with a cool breeze coming through, and I am the only woman in the room. The rest of the men (other than Bryan and Brad) are elders and members of the translation committee, and they are discussing possibilities for our work with them.

It is so exciting to talk about this (or to listen as they talk). I’ve heard about meetings like this, but this is the first time I’ve been in one of them.

There is one man who is doing most of the talking. He has been living in _capital city_, and he has been to many workshops done by another Bible translation organization to produce small books and a primer in their language. He says that he has already translated Mark and part of John also.

One thing that is very prevalent here in _country_ is the idea that we have an endless supply of money and can give anything that everyone needs. Some of the children in _bigger city_ would say, “How ah you,” and when we answer (or even if we didn’t) they would say, “Give me money!” Even one of the lay leaders in _city_ asked us for money for some things he shouldn’t have. The men in this room were telling us about the lack of money to print the primers, but they didn’t ask us for it! This is what made me think of the others asking for money. I’m sure these men hope we will help, but they are not being rude about it.

The men just told us that they are very happy that we are here. They say “it is like a dream” because we are the first white people to come to _small town_ and stay to sleep. Others have come to talk to them, but they always leave again right away.

Now it is probably close to 9 PM, and I am outside our hut. Sometime during the afternoon, someone brought a small mattress for us. However, I am the only one who will be sleeping on it right now. Bryan has gone to _city_ again. There was a bad accident on the road, and he went to it by bike to take my epipen in case it was needed. He ended up going along to the hospital, a two-hour ride. I am scared for him and I don’t want to go to sleep alone, but I know that the Lord can take care of both of us. I never thought my first night in an African village would be spent alone!

I want to write more, but I’m getting eaten by mosquitoes, so to bed I go. I will pray hard till I fall asleep!

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