Day 15, Monday, March 19

Today we began our survey of the area.  We were supposed to start in the morning, but it kept being put off.  First we were waiting for someone, then there was a funeral that needed last rites to be said [most of the people we’re working with are pastors], and then it was lunch time.  After lunch, we started taking a word list from a woman who married into the people group 20 years ago but is from another tribe.  Since she has been here so long, we aren’t sure of the validity of our list in her native language, especially the sentences.

At lunch, they gave us some honey which was very strong, and it made my tongue itch like crazy.  Honey in the US makes it itch sometimes, but nothing like this.  So I took some benadryl and it hit while we were doing the word list.  I felt like I’d fall over asleep.  It was also very hot, and we hadn’t very much water.

I was sleepy & feeling bad when we finished, and I was grumpy.  I didn’t like gathering the data, and I’m kinda dreading doing it for the rest of the week.  I walked to Bryan about it a little, and he said he’s considering doing a translation sooner than we’d previously thought.

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