Day 18, Thursday, March 22

We only have one more language to gather data for here, and we will be here until Monday afternoon. We really want to go north about 30 or 40 miles to another town to gather three more languages, one of which is the most important since it is the one that has the Bible already. However, they say it is too far to ride on bikes, and there is no other way for us to go. How can we gather our survey data if the people hosting us will not let us? I know they are just worried for our safety and comfort, but we cannot seem to make them understand that we don’t need special treatment. Brad could barely convince them to let us walk to town in _city_ instead of being driven, and that walk is probably less than a mile through a perfectly safe area! It is kind of them to take care of us, but their care is sometimes so restricting. It makes it so that we have no freedom.

We have also noticed this in our daily schedule. They tell us when to get up, they protest when we don’t want tea or don’t eat enough food, they tell us when to go inside in the morning, and they tell us when it is time to take a bath. They even commented this morning that we shouldn’t put the stick outside of the door to keep it closed when we are inside because it makes them think we are not there. We explained that if we do not close it that way, the chicken comes in and lays eggs. 🙂 (We have had three in our house since we’ve been here, and the chicken has come in many more times.)

I think we will have a relaxing day today since we do not need to interview people.

We were talking about food we will have when we get home, and I’ve decided that I want an orange sherbet float in sprite. I haven’t had one in SO long, and the cold, refreshing drink sounds very appealing! Bryan wants one too, and a root beer float. I just told Bryan that I want to have lots of salads when we get home. (We’ve had hardly any veggies here.) He said that last night he had a dream about vinaigrette dressing on a salad & a big bowl of tomatoes! 🙂

We just had lunch, and they gave us mangoes after we ate. They were SO good! I think that mangoes are my new favorite fruit. 🙂

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