Day 19, Friday, March 23

It rained last night, and it was SO nice!  We are getting eaten by bugs, but we’re not sure what kind of bugs.  I think we have bedbugs, and even though they say there aren’t mosquitoes now, I think we’ve been bitten by them too.  I also got stung by something on our bed as we got ready for bed a few nights ago, and it hurt!  We couldn’t find what it was, but the marks are still large & they really itch.  They’re starting to bruise too.

We have mangoes again for breakfast this morning. 🙂

Today has been quite frustrating.  First, we have had a hard time with the validity of our survey since we are not able to travel to these groups.  Gathering data about their original language from women who have moved into a new language group is not reliable, but it’s all we have access to here.  Also, since we did not know we would be in charge of this particular survey when we were in the States, we were not able to fully prepare for the survey.

The other frustration came today as we were trying to take our next to last word list.  Our translator kept questioning the say Bryan was writing things (since Bryan was using the phonetic alphabet instead of English letters, and so the words aren’t spelled the same way).  He was also being argumentative about the questions Bryan was asking, sometimes refusing to ask the person because he thought he already knew the answer.  (We have to get the answers directly from the people to make them valid though.)  There were also SO many interruptions where he left to do other things, including a time where we took a break (usually 10-15 minutes) around 11:45, and he didn’t come back until lunch time at 1:30.  All of this made the data-gathering take much longer than it should have.

Finally, today we are quite tired of being stared at all of the time.  I am also sad that babies here are scared of me because I am white.

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