Day 20, Saturday, March 24

Wow. Yesterday I did a lot of complaining. Today will be better. 🙂 We had coffee & rice for breakfast this morning.

I was just thinking how lonely I would be if I were here without Bryan. Sure, as it is I miss other people like my family, Kathy, & Amanda, but I’m not lonely at all. Being with Bryan makes me happy & fills my need for people time.

Yesterday there was a baby boy born in _small town_, and the family wanted to name him after Brad. The funny part is that no one here can say his name! 🙂 It ends up coming out as “Bryn Wilts” or “Willitis” with the “r” trilled. It would be so interesting to see what that boy is called in a few years. 🙂

Last night as we were waiting for supper, a truck arrived with a bunch of men in it. They all came and greeted us and then one asked Bryan if he recognized him. He did, and it was the man who had helped him the night of the wreck, had told him about the other truck, had gotten him the keys, and had ridden with him to _city_. He told us that five of the six surviving people have been released from the hospital. Only the man who lost part of his leg is still in the hospital. What an answer to prayer!

Today we finished the last of our word lists & sentence lists. It felt good to be finished. Our teammate also finished translating Matthew 2.

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