Day 22, Monday, March 26

Today is our last day here, and we will not be sorry to leave the place.  The people are a different matter entirely.  The women who have been serving us have been so kind and helpful, and the children are warming up to me.  The pastors are interesting and encouraging.

The reasons for being ready to leave the place are pretty simple.  We have been sharing a small bed that has bedbugs, we can’t stop sweating even while we sleep, and we have who-knows-what that falls from our ceiling constantly, coating everything in clumps of yellowish-white dust.  (This is not normal for grass roofs.  We have ants in ours that also fall regularly, and possibly termites that make a crunching sound constantly.  I haven’t seen any of these things in the other huts.)  We have become covered in bug bites of all kinds which itch terribly, and we’ve had a bit of a hard time with the food & a hard time getting water to drink.

This morning we will pack up our stuff, and we will try to get some pictures that we can use for our prayer card.  We will also work on our list of what we would pack differently on our next trip like this.

[We also took a lot of pictures of the people that day.  They all dressed in their nicest clothes and were excited to be in our photographs.  They told us that they wanted us to bring pictures of our houses the next time we come to them.  One of the older ladies gave me a beautiful basket that she made herself, and she said that when I come back I will have a son with me, and that she will make me a bigger basket. :)]

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