Day 28, Sunday, April 1

Wow! April already!

Friday night and last night we stayed at a guest house called “New Little World” or something like that. It was not nearly as nice as the other inn, which is funny ‘cause I didn’t think the inn was that nice when we first got here. But now I can see the difference in the cleanliness & the excellent upkeep, even if all the furniture doesn’t match and the carpet in the lobby is a bit old. We have counted our money, and we have enough to stay at the inn the rest of the time. We even will have a large amount each day for food and souvenirs if we want.

The rest of the team left Friday night. On Saturday, we slept in, went to the internet café, went to lunch, and then back to our room. Bryan slept a lot of the afternoon because of his allergic reaction & the medicine. We got bread, PB&J, honey, and cheese from a grocery store, and we ate that for supper. We’ve read a lot, and this morning we went to church at __ Miracle Center, the first church we found. [We walked out of our motel and saw some people dressed in nicer clothes walking by, so we followed them to a large, open building that seated over a thousand with a worship leader who was speaking English some of the time. We found out at the end of the service which church it was.]

This afternoon, we walked back over here to the inn to get reservations for the rest of our stay, and then we went back to get our backpacks and came back here to check in.

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