Day 30, Tuesday, April 3

We are enjoying our stay in _big city of other country_. I especially like the complimentary breakfast of fruit, tea or coffee, toast, and eggs cooked to order at the inn.

Yesterday we decided to go to _capital city of other country_ to shop for souvenirs. We got on the taxi, a van just larger than a minivan, and the seats were put in so that 14 passengers and 2 operators could ride in it. We rode all the way to __ for __ each, which is just under one dollar. We got out and didn’t know how to find the craft market we were looking for, so we started walking. Somehow, we ended up in this market that was very crowded with people pushing at us from all sides. It definitely was not the type of market we were looking for – it had vegetables & grain, bathroom supplies, fake sunglasses, plastic tubs & buckets, and all sorts of other things. At one point, a huge dump truck was going through the market right in front of us, and it ran over all sorts of sweet potatoes, onions, and other things. It took it a long time to get out of the way, and while we were waiting, we kept hearing “mzungu” this and “mzungu” that. We were the only mzungus around, so it was not fun knowing everyone was talking about us. (Mzungu is what they call white people, although we’ve been told it can also mean “someone with lots of resources.”) Right after that, people started to hassle us a bit more, trying to tell if we had money with us and tapping me on the back trying to get my attention. I was VERY glad to get out of there and back to a main street.

At that point, we saw two other mzungu girls, and we decided to follow them. Then Bryan asked them about the market, and it was a good thing ‘cause it was far away. They gave us directions for walking there, and then said jokingly as we walked off, “or you could take a boda boda if you want to die!” 🙂 (Boda bodas are the tiny motorcycles that are everywhere that will take you places, and the ones in Kampala are absolutely crazy!)

We finally made it to the market (after asking directions one more time) and we were very glad. It was definitely meant for tourists with prices marked up quite high and lots of the same items in each shop. We stayed there most of the afternoon trying to find gifts for everyone, but we hadn’t brought enough money, so we had to stick with one per family. We also got a wrap for me which I’d been looking for the whole time.

The trip back to _big city_ was a lot less eventful. We took one taxi to the taxi park, and it was amazing. There was a parking lot at least the size of a Walmart lot with hundreds of the van taxis. Somehow they were organized by destination, and although it was a madhouse with taxis going every which way, there was some type of order to it. We got on one of those, and made it back to the hotel in one piece.

Oh yeah! I forgot to say that when we were walking to the market, we found a pizza place for lunch! We shared a veggie thin-crust pizza, and we had soft-serve ice cream for dessert! We have been having our dinners here at the inn since they have good food and good variety. Today we are taking it easy & enjoying it as a vacation.

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