Back and ready to blog!

Wow!  How crazy these last few months have been!  It’s hard to believe I haven’t really blogged at all since getting back at the beginning of April other than updates on the trip.  The first few weeks were spent getting used to the US again and getting into a routine, and then we started getting ready for the craziness of June.  The month started out with the arrival of Bryan’s mom, sister, dad, and step-mom to celebrate his graduation.  He officially has his master’s degree now, and what a relief it is that he is finished!  We had a great week of visiting and celebration.  However, both of us are introverts, and so having people around all day every day is very draining.  As soon as the last of the family left, we began another busy week of meetings with our organization.  Many missionaries from all over the world gathered in Dallas last week for the board meetings and the recruiting meetings that we held.  I spent most of the week helping in the nursery with babies and toddlers, and although I felt a bit out of the loop since I wasn’t in the meetings, I enjoyed spending time with the children and did not feel quite as overwhelmed by all of the people as I did last June.

On Friday, the last day of our meetings, Bryan drove me to the airport at 4:30 AM, and I flew to Virginia for the wedding of a dear college friend. (Hi, Becca!) 🙂  What a wonderful weekend!  I got to see so many close friends and catch up a little bit, and it was fun to be back in Charlottesville for a day or two surrounded by so many people who made my last year of college the best one of all.  I also got to see my dad and oldest sister and her two girls, and I really enjoyed that since I hadn’t seen them since Christmas.  (Mama was in Mississippi with my other sister who just had her fourth little boy!)

Late Saturday night, I flew back to Dallas, and then I left again the next morning around 8:30 to drive to Mississippi.  I stayed with my sister’s family for a few nights to take care of her older boys so that she could rest and recuperate.  I really enjoyed spending time with them!  The boys are so sweet, and they are growing up so quickly!  I got back last night a little earlier than Bryan was expecting.  The last time I talked to him (on Tuesday night) I thought I’d be returning today, and so it was fun to surprise him.  I jumped right in to my new routine today, and I’m excited to see what the next few months will bring!

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