Lately I have found much enjoyment in simple things.  When I have a few extra minutes at home, I like to take up my crocheting or pull out my paints and paintbrushes.  I enjoy creating things, but so often, especially with painting, I don’t think the finished product is “good enough” to display or to give as a gift.  I have had many family members ask me to paint something for them, but any time I try, I am not satisfied with the results and so I purchase some less meaningful gift for them instead.

The other day, I read this article by “No Impact Man,” and thought he made a very good point.  It is easy to be ashamed of creative things that we do because they are “not as good as” other items you can buy elsewhere.  His post made me think about the heroines of the Jane Austen novels that I love so much.  They would paint, draw, play the piano, or sing, and even if they knew of other young ladies in the neighborhood who could do better, they would still agree to give pleasure to their families and friends by their performances.  Bryan has often asked me to play my violin more, but since I’ve gotten out of practice and don’t play as well as I used to, I am sometimes discouraged and don’t want to play.  How silly this is!  I will never get better at the violin or piano if I don’t practice, and why not practice when he is around so that he can enjoy it?

I am happy with watching very little television, but I intend to make better use of my times of entertainment from now on.  Of course I will still play computer games every now and then, but I will also try to make more music and to create more things that can be enjoyed by others.  And maybe my sisters will get those paintings that they’ve been asking for for so long. 🙂

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  1. Yay! I hope so!

  2. Oooo! 🙂 That’d be great! Can’t wait!

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