the next trip

This upcoming trip has been up in the air almost from the very beginning.  Once we decided we really wanted to go, there were all sorts of things that came up to stop us.  For instance, we were told that we’d never get permission from the government of the country to go over there.  In the next email from the same person, she gave us contact information of those who could help us get the permission that we needed.  We were waiting and waiting for visas, and our visas were approved last week and are waiting for us at the embassy.  We didn’t have anywhere near enough money, and now the Lord has provided almost as much as we were originally hoping for.  We were worried that our plane tickets were much too expensive, and we found another travel agent who found tickets for $500 less per person.  Each problem has been knocked over one by one, and it has been a blessing to see the Lord provide!

The current problem is that while our visas are ready and waiting, the visas for our two teammates have not been approved.  Somehow, even though they were applied for at the exact same time by the exact same person, theirs have not gone farther than the first step in the entire process.  We have no idea why, and we have no idea how long it will take them to make it to the embassy or if they will get there at all.

This puts our plans up in the air once again.  Should we go without our teammates?  Will their visas make it through in time for us all to go together?  We are praying hard about all of this and asking the Lord to direct us.  I am so thankful that he has all of this under His control!

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