Happy Thanksgiving…a little late :)

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as we did!  We got to spend a few days at my sister‘s house, and we loved the time with family.  Her four boys are so much fun to be around, and we always enjoy spending time with her and her husband Joe.

One exciting thing that Hallie and I did on Thursday morning was go to CVS.  Now you might wonder why in the world we would spend time on Thanksgiving morning in a CVS, and why it was at all exciting.  Well, I have officially joined the group of enthusiastic “CVSers”.  By spending some time looking at CVS deals online, and by going to some helpful blogs like this one, you can learn how to earn CVS “money” to spend at their store.  Some people use these CVS deals to get as much free stuff as possible for as little real money as possible.  Others, like my sister, use the extra CVS money they earn to get items they use every day for free.  She explains “CVSing” in a much clearer manner here.

So on Thanksgiving morning, we went to CVS to take advantage of the great deals that were only going to last for three days.  Since it was my first time trying this, I came away with a MUCH smaller amount of items than she did, but I was excited to get started.  I bought three kinds of over the counter medicines (Advil, Tylenol, and Excedrin) and one body wash, and all of these things earned the same number of CVS bucks as they cost.  Hallie also let me use some coupons that she found, and there was another coupon in the store.  I ended up paying less than $4 for the four items worth about $17, and I have 12 CVS dollars to use sometime in the next month!

I have been looking into Walgreen’s store deals too, and since we have one right by our house, I might try shopping for deals there soon!

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  1. Bonjour Meg!

    It’s nice to meet you, even if just via blogs. I’ve enjoyed reading a bit about you guys and your plans. Very exciting stuff – I’d love to hear more if you have time to drop me an email sometime.

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