Christmas fun

What a fun Christmas!  We traveled to Virginia again this year, and we really enjoyed seeing friends and family.  Before leaving Texas, we decorated our house as you saw from our Christmas tree a few weeks ago.  I also put up some stockings at our fireplace.

stockings 1

Wait, how many stockings are there??

stockings 3

Hey, there’s a third little stocking in there, and it doesn’t have a name on it!

stockings 4

This was my favorite Christmas decoration of the year!  We have a baby on the way, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Our first baby is due on August 12th.

We really enjoyed telling family about our exciting news, and we got some great reactions.  Some family members were expecting the news sometime soon, but everyone was happy for us and very excited.  Mama took me shopping for maternity clothes since we’ll be really busy the next time we’re together, and a few people went out and got us cute baby stuff.  One of my favorite things was a baby outfit from my sister with a V for UVA on it. (The University of Virginia is my alma mater.)

One thing I am very thankful for so far in this pregnancy is that I haven’t been sick.  I’m nine weeks along, and while I’ve been queasy, it hasn’t gotten any worse than that.  I get tired very easily these days and have learned to love naps.  Because of that, traveling was hard since we were not on our own schedules.  So while we had SO much fun with family, I’m extremely glad to be home!  I’ve begun to get into a more regular schedule, and I’m happy to be eating normal food again instead of “Christmas food” which can be so rich.

Another thing I’m thankful for is my sweet husband!  Since I’ve been exhausted a lot lately, he’s been taking good care of me.  He made dinner for me the other night, and it was delicious!  It’s such a blessing to look forward to raising this little one with him, and it’s so fun to see his excitement about being a father.

We are so grateful to the Lord for this wonderful blessing!

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