busy times

This afternoon I decided I’d better write an update on here since it might be awhile before I have time again. 🙂

After a wonderful trip to Virginia for my cousin’s wedding, I returned home and promptly caught the bug that’s going around here.  Unfortunately it turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection, and as a pregnant lady, I’m not allowed to take many kinds of medicines to help with those symptoms.  So needless to say, I was very happy when I began taking antibiotics, and I was even happier when I started feeling SO much better yesterday.  My fever is gone, so my head feels great, and now I just have to get rid of the left over cough and sniffles.

We have started packing!  We haven’t been able to do too much yet because we need more boxes, but we’re hoping to take care of that soon.  Bryan has been watching out for furniture at the warehouse, and he’s found some cute and/or useful things.  We now have a changing table, 2 dressers, an entertainment center, and a few tables.  I’m hoping to find some nice sofas or love seats on Craigslist.  The lady who is selling the house is leaving her old refrigerator, washer, and dryer, so we don’t need to buy those.  The only thing we’re missing before moving in that’s absolutely necessary is a bed for the guy who rents a room from us.

Not only are we planning to move in two weeks, but Bryan is going to be traveling to Africa again in three to four weeks!  He is busy with preparations and is SO excited about the trip.  He will be going with two other men from our organization (one who just decided to join them yesterday) and the best part is that their names are Bryan and Brian.  So Bryan, Bryan, and Brian are going to Africa together, and they are really going to confuse all the poor people that they meet!  I think they’ll probably end up going by last names.  There have been some great contacts made in the last few weeks, and it’s been so exciting to see the trip coming together!

So there’s a quick update from me, and a warning that posts will continue to be sporadic for a while.  Don’t give up hope completely though…soon belly pictures will begin, and this blog will probably become mostly a pregnancy blog.  So hopefully that will mean I’ll have a lot more to write about, especially as it gets closer to time for the baby to come!

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