crazy times

Wow.  What a week!  Not only are we moving into our new house, but we’re also doing last-minute preparations to send Bryan off to Africa on a mission trip.  He’s leaving Tuesday the 4th and returning April 14th.  Sometimes I think we’re totally crazy to be moving and getting ready for a trip all at the same time!

One thing that’s making today particularly crazy is that Bryan finally received a quote on the transportation that’s supposed to take him and his teammates around the country.  He had been expecting this quote for weeks from a contact within the country, but as we are learning, these things never come quickly.  Unfortunately, the official quote he received is quite a bit higher than he had originally been told.  We have enough to cover part of our portion, but not all, and the other guys are in the same boat.  We sent out an email to our friends and supporters asking for prayer and for financial help if they feel led, and now we’re just waiting and praying to see what the Lord does.  Being a planner, I really don’t like last minute surprises like this!  However, we are learning that this is how things work in the missionary world, and in this part of Africa in particular.  Bryan has been talking with our organization’s president all day, and he keeps saying things like, “Looks like you’re in over your head…which is actually a good place to be” and talking about how we’d better get used to this kind of thing.  We are praying a lot that the Lord will continue to guide us as the guys make these decisions, and we’re trusting that if this trip is truly His will as we think it is, he will provide what we need even with such little notice.  It’s always amazing how the Lord uses financial situations to stretch our faith and our trust in him.  While the stretching is scary and uncomfortable at times, I’m so thankful for it because of the results!

Moving is going very well.  We’re going to be completely out of the old house by tomorrow, and all I have left to do is some cleaning and vacuuming.   And don’t worry, the previous owner is not living with us in our new house. 🙂  She finally moved the rest of her belongings out late Friday night, and we were able to move our furniture in on Saturday.  I haven’t done very much unpacking yet, but will be able to do a lot of that once Bryan leaves.

Although I will miss him terribly while he’s gone, I think we will all be relieved when he and the other two guys actually leave because all of this will be taken care of!

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