Two weeks ago, we had the annual summer meetings with our missions organization here in Dallas.  People came from all over the world to attend and teach classes, to present information about their specific branch in the large group meetings, and to make reports to the board.  The purpose of the week is to recruit new missionaries, to teach current recruits more about our organization, to have important meetings, and to enjoy fellowship together as an organization.  We really loved seeing friends of ours who have been overseas or out of town raising support or learning languages.  We are particularly close to one couple that was here who are expecting their first little one about two weeks after our baby is due.  It was SO good to visit with them and to get to have a baby shower for her.

This past week, we traveled to Iowa.  I’d never stopped in Iowa, although I think I’ve driven through before.  We were a little nervous about what the week would be like, but we ended up really liking the people and enjoying the trip.  Bryan preached for the first time in years, we led Sunday School, and I did the children’s sermon.  We told the church about our organization and Bible translation, and Bryan preached about how it has been God’s plan from the very beginning that his people would make his name known to the nations.  Sunday afternoon, we traveled 2 or 3 hours to a church camp where we were to be the camp missionaries for the week.  The camp that week was for 6th to 8th graders.  What fun little people they were. 🙂  They are still at an age where they can be goofy and crazy without worrying about what other people are thinking, but they also have very serious thoughts and are ready to be challenged during teaching times.  We loved getting to spend the week with them, although they completely wore us out!  At the end of camp, we traveled back to the church, and the next day we met with the missions committee.  They aren’t ready to choose someone to support yet, but that took the pressure off of us and allowed us to answer questions and help them think through the kind of support they’re wanting to give.  We were able to explain Bible translation in more detail and to show them why going through a missions organization is so helpful (instead of just sending an independent missionary like they’re used to.)

Now we’re home again, and I’ve been nesting for most of the week. 🙂  As soon as we got back, I knew I wanted to jump into preparations for Baby.  I’ve made lists, started gathering things for our home birth, washed Baby’s new clothes, and started knitting another diaper cover.  It’s very exciting to have Baby’s birth be so close!  I’m currently 33 weeks along, so we have about seven weeks left.  I want to try to have everything ready early so that I won’t have to worry about anything as the time gets closer.

We had our first childbirth class last night, and it went well.  We went over very basic things about anatomy, nutrition, exercise, and a few complications.  Most of it was review for me, but I learned some interesting things about the way the muscles in the uterus change their position during labor and eventually pile up behind the baby to help push him out.  Bryan was very interested in the placenta and how it keeps the baby’s blood separate from the mama’s, and he asked our midwife more about that at our appointment afterwards.  It was fun to see him so interested in all of it.  I’d asked him before if he’d want to see the placenta when Baby’s born, and he seemed a little grossed out at the idea, but last night after learning some about it and becoming so interested, he decided he’s going to remind the midwife to show it to him.

After all the baby talk yesterday, I had all sorts of dreams about Baby!  In the one I can remember, Baby was a boy and was born on a Saturday, and Mama and Daddy were with us in a house that was supposedly ours, but was really more like our old house on Sherwood Place.  We woke up on Sunday and were rushing to get to church (as if I’d really be going to church the next day!) and I realized that I hadn’t fed Baby all night!  That’s a constant theme in my dreams about Baby.  I’m not used to having a baby yet, and so I forget to feed the baby and can’t hear him crying for some reason or another.  Silly, I know. 🙂

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