Texas heat

This afternoon around 2 I ran out of blue acrylic paint, and so I decided to go to Walmart.  I decided to get the other groceries we needed along with some supplies on my list for our home birth.  This was the first time I’d been outside in the afternoon since we’ve been back from Iowa, and WOW was it hot!  Before we left I think it had been in the 90s regularly, but now it’s been around 100 each afternoon.  I got into the store and stopped for some toothpaste, and Baby started squirming as I had a contraction.  I was fanning myself with my grocery list, and I must’ve put my other hand on my belly, because the woman on the aisle next to me said in an alarmed voice, “Honey, you’re not hurting, are you?”  I laughed and told her I was just hot, and she assured me that I probably would be for the rest of the pregnancy.  So I think I’ve officially had my first instance of scaring someone that I’m going into labor (even though I knew it was just my feisty little one kicking my ribs!) 🙂

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