Freezer meals

Today I began to stock my freezer with meals for after Baby comes. We found a good deal on ground beef, so I got out my freezer cookbook and discovered a useful recipe using ground beef. It is a recipe that makes three meals of meatloaf and four meals of meatballs, and then you make different sauces to go with the meatballs. So far I have mixed all the ingredients and baked the meatballs which are now cooling, and I’m baking the meatloaf. We’ll eat meatloaf for dinner tonight, and I’ll freeze the other two and all of the meatballs. That will mean with one dinner’s worth of cooking, I’ve put aside six main dishes for another time! It only took a little bit more time than making just one meatloaf since the meatballs had to be formed individually. I’m excited to try our dinner tonight, and I’m looking forward to the meatball meals since I’ve never made those before. The cookbook has at least 7 different ways to prepare the meatballs, which means we won’t get tired of the same old thing. I’m going to try to use more of the recipes from this book. It really seems useful!

Here’s a link to the book, Frozen Assets by Deborah Taylor-Hough.

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