Still pregnant

Well, it’s officially the day after my due date, and Baby is still happily growing inside of me.  People told me that today would be a hard day if Baby hadn’t come yet, and boy were they right!  I knew that my due date wasn’t some magic day that meant Baby would arrive, and I told myself over and over that first-time moms usually give birth after their due date, but that didn’t keep me from wishing and hoping that Baby would be early or on time.

I think the let down of today was intensified by what happened yesterday.  Just before midnight on the 11th, I started having contractions.  We were going to bed, and I fully expected them to stop while I was sleeping, but they didn’t.  I woke up a few times through the night feeling the contractions, but they weren’t very strong.  It was the first time I’ve had ones that kept going, though, so I got up around 7 yesterday morning wondering if this was the start of labor.  I decided maybe we had a very punctual baby. 🙂  I called Mama to let her know this could be the start of labor, and I got ready to go to my midwife appointment.  Just before we left home, I got a call from the birth center saying that my midwife had just gotten back from a birth and was leaving for a second one, so the appointment was rescheduled.  I told them that I was having contractions too, and they said to call back if they got closer together and more intense, or if my water broke.  I went on with the day and did last-minute things like putting in a load of laundry and paying a few bills.  After lunch, I went walking with one of my friends at the mall to see if I could get the contractions to be stronger or closer together.  While we were walking, they got a lot closer together, but as soon as we stopped, so did the contractions.  I only had a few more after that, and so we had an exciting morning and afternoon followed by a very boring evening.

I was doing well emotionally last night and was feeling okay about not having Baby in my arms yet, but this morning has been a lot harder.  I think part of the problem is that I’m bored and uncomfortable at the same time.  I’ve had everything ready for Baby’s arrival for so long that I just feel like life is on hold.  I want to find things to do to keep me busy, but at the same time I don’t want to do anything at all except for going into labor. 🙂  I know that Baby will come when it’s the right time, and I’ve basically started avoiding people ’cause that’s what everyone keeps telling me and I get tired of smiling and nodding.  So that’s how I’m feeling today: bored, frustrated, and anti-social. 😉 It’s good for me, though.  It gives me another chance to learn patience and trust in the Lord.  I’ll be happy to finish the lesson very soon! 🙂

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