I’m still here…

Wow! Life gets busy when you have a baby in the house! 🙂  Over the past few months, Kate and I had thrush for almost three months, all three of us had a bad cold, and we’ve worked on the typical sleeping and feeding issues.  We went through the normal adjustment to being parents that each couple goes through after having their first child, and, as usual, it took us some time to get the hang of it all.  I feel like I’m used to having a baby now, and I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as I did for the first two or three months.  Now that she doesn’t have thrush, I’m no longer worried about her getting enough food, and I’m feeling so much more confident about my ability to feed her.  She has always been a healthy weight, and now she has the cutest rolls, dimples in her knees and elbows, and creases around her wrists and ankles.  And her cheeks!!  She takes after her mama in the chubby cheek department!  They are so big and kissable! 🙂

Kate is now sleeping from 7 or 8 PM until 7 or 8 AM without a feeding from 10:30 until 7 or 8, but unfortunately I have allowed her to get “addicted” to her pacifier, so I’m getting up numerous times in the night to stick it back in her mouth.  She goes right back to sleep when it’s back in, but I’d still rather get a full night’s sleep sometime soon instead of getting up over & over again.  I’m trying to get her to pacify herself with her fingers/thumb, but while she will suck on them when she’s playing, she never wants to when she’s upset.  Any suggestions for weaning babies off of pacifiers would be welcome. 🙂

I am absolutely loving being a mama!  I’m so thankful that we have our sweet little girl.  She brings me such joy each day, from her adorable smile when I go in to get her in the morning to her precious coos and gurgles when I talk to her to the open-mouthed smiling “kisses” she gives when I kiss her pudgy cheeks.  My days are much busier now that Kate is here, and between taking care of her, cooking, & housework, there’s not nearly as much “alone time” as there used to be.  However, I’m learning to be less selfish with my time and learning to appreciate any quiet moments that I have, like right now while she’s napping.  I’m thankful to have a husband and daughter to give my time and my love to, and I wouldn’t trade this season of life for all the quiet time in the world!

So while this busyness necessitates my posting less often than I used to (is that even possible? 🙂 ), my absence means that I am happily learning to serve my family and learning to be a better wife and mama.  I was getting ready to add some pictures, but Sweet Pea is awake now, so here are two links to pictures on facebook!

Pictures of Kate


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