Leftover garden

You might remember last year in March and April when I was working on a garden while Bryan was in Africa. Sometime during the summer, the garden was abandoned after I discovered a tarantula lurking beneath some weeds. I’m very afraid of spiders, and almost picking up a tarantula while pulling weeds was a bit too much for me. Since we saw a few more tarantulas around the yard after that, I decided it wasn’t worth it to work in the garden anymore and left the plants to the hot summer sun.

Believe it or not, one of the plants survived! There was an artichoke plant in the corner of the garden, and it didn’t seem to mind the Texas heat. It even lived through the winter, and as soon as the weather started getting warm, it started growing rapidly.

artichoke plant

artichoke plant

Now it’s gotten even bigger, and the other night we ate our first artichokes from the garden! They were a little bit smaller than the ones you buy in the grocery store, but they were delicious! Thanks for the help with the garden, Mama! Who knew we’d still be enjoying it a year later?! 🙂



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  1. How fun! This is our first year gardening and I’m already excited to improve upon in next spring.

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