busy morning!

What a morning we had! Kate did not sleep well last night, which of course meant that neither did we since we share a room. She awoke very early this morning needing to use the bathroom, and none of us could go back to sleep afterwards. We had a slow start to the morning, and we started preparing for our language helper to arrive. During this time, we got a skype call from some of our closest friends, and we were SO glad to be able to talk to them! Just as we finished talking, our language helper arrived to teach us Russian. We had the fullest language session so far and learned a plethora of new words, including body parts, items around the house, prepositions (on, under, behind, etc), and others. While the lesson was going on, a lady from the office arrived and wanted to clean the apartment. She used to clean every Thursday when this apartment was the second office, and she showed up last Thursday unexpected. We thought she would be coming tomorrow and were planning to talk to our boss this afternoon to tell him she didn’t need to come. We think that she doesn’t realize that we are renting separately from the office and that this is no longer part of her job. However, she came a day early! She only speaks Russian, and so she enjoyed listening to the lesson as she was cleaning, but she was quite distracting. We did learn one interesting cultural difference this time since she came when our language helper was here. Just before she left, she called our language helper out and they talked in Russian for a minute. When our language helper was about to leave, she called me into the bathroom and explained in broken English that they don’t flush toilet paper here! They put it in a small trash can that we had been using for, you guessed it, trash. 🙂 There isn’t another trash can in the bathroom, and you’re not supposed to put trash in the little one for toilet paper. Interesting, isn’t it? There is also a small chrome hose attached to the wall by the toilet with a chrome sprayer on the end that looks like it could be a large one from a kitchen sink or a small one from a garden hose. We know what it’s for, but we have NO idea how they are able to use it easily without splashing water everywhere. Obviously, she did not mention that or tell me how it works, and she was embarrassed to talk about the small trashcan, too. The only other thing she communicated today was that she was worried about Kate because the a/c was blowing on her a little bit while she was sitting in her high chair. 🙂 I wonder what other “strange” things we are doing that the cleaning lady wonders about! I mean, who puts trash in a trashcan in the bathroom?? 😉

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  1. Good post! Tells us how very different the culture is!

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