Crazy days

Life sure has been busy lately! Bryan is at gone for work most days from around 9:30 until 6:30. On our language learning days he comes home early, and we take turns watching Kate while the other is having a Russian lesson. My days are spent taking care of Kate, going to the market for food, washing clothes and hanging them on the line on our balcony, and occasionally visiting the office or hanging out with a friend.

This week, Bryan has meetings that last from 9 until 6, so he’s gone from 8:30 until 6:30 since it takes at least a half hour to get home on the bus. Our office has many visitors coming for different meetings, and so almost everyone is hosting guests in their homes. We originally volunteered to have one guest since we only have one spare bed/room, but somehow we ended up with two! A friend is loaning us an air mattress, and the men will either share a room, or one will sleep in the living room. They are staying for 4 nights, and then one of them is coming back a week later for a few more nights. The only problem is that I don’t have any sheets for the beds in this apartment! We’ve been using what was here when we moved in: comforters. I think today is finally the day that we will have sheets for both of the beds. šŸ™‚ I found a place that sells them at a reasonable price, and so now I will just need to bundle Kate up (since it’s chilly outside) and we’ll go pick out ones that are the least flowery. (Most of the sheets I’ve seen here are extremely flowery or very brightly decorated.)

While we’re buying the sheets, I think we’ll also buy a butternut squash. Our family has a tradition of eating pumpkin pie, drinking spiced chai, and listening to Christmas music on November 1st, and butternut squash is the closest they have to pumpkins here! Now I just have to figure out how to carry all of this home with me! I took a quiz on another blog this morning about how similar I was to that particular blogger, and one of the items listed was about groceries being limited by what you can carry home. This is one where I definitely match, and unfortunately this applies to household goods, too! I’ll have to figure out how to carry two sets of sheets, one pillow, one butternut squash, a few other groceries, and Kate! šŸ™‚

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  1. Well, if you managed to carry all that stuff at one time, more power to you! Again, very ingenious. Hope you found what you were seeking for your Nov. 1 tradition.

  2. I have so much to catch up on by reading your blog. I just wanted to wish Kate a Happy Belated Birthday. I can’t believe she is already 1. Wow!! That went by really fast. How long will you be staying overseas? Well, I am sure I will have a lot more questions. I will hold them all for one section. lol

  3. How can you carry all that!! Sounds as if you are doing fine though. YM just left to go see Pop across the way where he is in therapy. We have a great unit here and he is making good progress. We get neews of you and yours when she talks to you. Isn’t Skype wonderful! She is thrilled to be playing games with Kate. L&K Nannie

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