New apartment

Yesterday we moved into our new apartment. I had only seen it once, briefly, and in some ways I had to be convinced of its worth. Once we moved all of our bags here and the boxes that we had left at some friends’ houses, Bryan went out to get some supper for us. I started looking through the rooms and in the cabinets and dressers, and I got pretty discouraged. Everything was either broken or filthy or both, and the apartment which was supposed to be fully furnished was not at all. The drawers in the living room were missing their pulls and had ashes in them, there were bits of debris on the floor (which meant I couldn’t put Caroline down), the refrigerator and freezer were dirty, and the water heater wouldn’t work. There were only three plates, there were no utensils, the cupboards had spilled pasta in them, and the “clean” dishes weren’t clean. Then there were the problems the landlord was supposed to have taken care of before we moved in. The rolling radiator we had been promised for the kitchen was there, but it didn’t work. The disposable “carpet” in the girls’ room hadn’t been removed, and the large replacement carpet was balled up by their door. There was a huge pile of trash in the back yard. Finally, the whole place was freezing, there were no comforters or blankets, and we were all exhausted.
With some prayers and deep breaths, I managed to keep calm and do all I could to get supper made and everyone ready for bed.
I was completely overwhelmed, but I fell asleep pretty easily because I was so tired. Caroline slept the best she has here so far and was only up for 45 minutes or so. We all slept in a little bit, and when we woke up, it was amazing to see how many of those things seemed unimportant.
Now it is a few days later, and we are at a coffee shop. The girls are here and are sleepy, so I can’t really finish this like I would like to. To finish quickly, I can say that most of the cleaning has been done, and while we don’t have regular hot water, we are taking baths and boiling lots of water instead. We are doing very well, and we should have internet soon. Yay!

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